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when we reach the end there will be a winner

so as we went forward on the adventure to the HQ of granitus corps i saw the ground around us start to crack and my energy started coming out from it.thats when i realized that i still had control over my power but i had to use the architect as a way point and that i only had a limited amount of time till my energy would destroy him and this world being displaced like i put forward all my telekinesis to make us speedup and forward.we watch as buildings start to crumble Arye questions why this is happening i tell him because The architect was only able to create this place using the portion of my energy and since it now was separated from the source it has become unstable thus making the whole reality unstable as a whole.we finally arrived at the HQ we went in and i found a transport gate and aimed it to go to the main Granitus corps thinking thats where everyone had to be.i used it and i was right we arrived right as they were Resurrecting typhon.Arye started laying down some heavy holy fire as was pelting psionic burst at them then finally i grabbed the architect and used him to gather together my power and then i used it to destroy his power and decontruct the whole world leaving us in the building then typhon and echidna grabbed me and i decided to make the call and i destroyed them and gave arye his powers back and me and arye went back and when we got there architect stabbed me with some knife made of solid rontgenite i pulled it out and destroyed it and sent him away to and Arye left and went to emerald horizon since everyone was there and i told madonna that i wanted to separate from her.then i went to sleep when i woke up in a few days i looked in the mirror and saw as part of my face and arm was covered in metal so i grabbed to pull it off and ended up ripping it out of my flesh.....