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met You there....

As me and ryan neared the end of our voyage on the tube system I told him where we were going. Our destination was a place on the countryside where I told My Lady I would always meet her. It was the the place where camelot once stood. Me and ryan hitchhike there and get to know quite a few individuals along the way on happy couple needs help with their house so me and ryan helped the legit way. We help them repair their wall we put wooden bracers and painted them. Then we were on our way to camelot,we arrived there right as the sun was going down and there she her and ryan spent a long time talking it was emotional she really liked ryan I was happy. I asked her to come back with me she said I'd be fine for now. Me and ryan decided to just fly outta there. Arrived home to all my friends i told them how she was. To Be Continued


a london is calling

So as we are traversing killing off zombies when lee let's me know that someone called the house from london saying the queen needs our help. we arrive at london and the queen meets us near big ben and she tells us that zombies have taken over buckingham palace. So we go there and see so I am like okay ill take care of it she says no no it must be gentle there is lots of valuable things in the palace. So I enlist the help of a friend that has awesome control over freezing his name is josh merrel. He freezes the air in the palace soo everytime we attack a zombie ooze and blood doesn't go flying. So we finally destroy all traces of the zombie threat.the queen wanted me to deliver a speech and put on a show lee and gage helped with the design of the stage and the booking of superstars to open and follow my speech. Kanye west let gage drive his car around the block. I then started to fly around then I was slipping cause of the rain and the tornadoes and I ran into some old ladies. Then I continued flying around when lee was trying to talk to me. Finally I settled down to listen to lee and hang out with ryan. Then me and ryan went on the subways when we were reminded by a very attractive girl who made us snow flakes from paper so I made her a sweater. To Be Continued.....


jump avoid and climb away

So as me and ryan are walking we see ahead fires and cars are stopping and then some old lady says uhh there are zombie everywhere.... So me and ryan went to louises got lee and gage and I put the restaurant up on like monkey bars so me ryan lee and gage can climb in or out but we goto the mini golf course because there are people there and zombies are approaching I can't do anything except make old broken palettes appear sooo we build up a little shack in the cave I leave there and so we continue on to my house so I can get my sword I discover its been stolen.I see evidence of that crafty man who was once my sensei that decided to bring back from the past and he was I go and I track him down discover that it was my step grandmother pat who hired him cause she wanted to use my sword to make herself power I beat him up til he told me where is was he started taking me to a wardrobe and show me the hidden box when I opened it there was nothing but old toys and a broken toy sword.he nearly escaped because the memories these toys provoked were not good ones.I then realized my swords fission failsafe had activated and split into different parts at this time zombies had amassed around the house I started burning them down with holy I find the parts of my sword the first is in a tree which is filled with crazy ants sooo I just blast fire til I get it.then piece by piece as we kill off zombies me ryan lee and gage finally get all the pieces and I am able to create the forging mound to recreate my sword and I do and right as it finishes we are surrounded by a couple hundred zombies I use my sword it blows the zombies back and crushes them I then challenge my former sensei Caruri atoru Nahrini now I knew this would be bad but I did it anyways defeated and on the ground I did what the hero doesn't usually do I actually killed him. To Be Continued....


what dreams are made of....

so me and Ryan decided to goto Hollywood Cantina we get there and all my orlando friends are there i decide i am gonna have fun wit the club sooo i make everyone on the dancefloor start to float.i make money and gold appear on the tables.i then decide to take Ryan and all my family for a flight.we fly around and goto downtown orlando and just have we end up back in daytona and i see them all and ryan go for a walk and i slow down time so we can walk through traffic :) such an amazing. To Be Continued.....


In my travels

i decided to get into my car and start driving.decided to stop over in texas.while in texas i met my friend Adamm and we had lots of fun around the towns then we went to Las Vegas and looked through the ruins and i started to tell him the story of how i destroyed it.then i tought to myself why should i just tell him i can just show him(bad idea).i began to open a time portal then as we were heading into it someone shot me causing me to lose concentration so we went to the last time he went to Las Vagas.we deceided to start playing the slots and roulette since i could change the outcome.we won alot of money and got invited to stay at the penthouse at the excalibur.then we stayed the night and the next day went to when i was destroying Las Vegas again and i placed both of us inside my point of view.we then returned to my house where he met Ryan and all of my friends......To Be Continued


monsters in the sky

As I returned to daytona I notice that the city is dead buildings are boarded up and sand bags are everywhere I
get to RT's and he tells me that there is a category 8 hurricane about to hit Daytona.I met up wit some more friends and told them not to panic.I fly out to the I gaze upon the hurricane I see it is filled with massive tornadoes.I concentrate every bit of my telekenesis into the behemoth. It started to pull me into itself I had to try all my might to keep out of it.finally tired of the struggle I blasted it away.then I returned home..... To Be Continued


Okay so me and ryan get tickets to goto the Atlantis resort in the bahamas and we spend seven days there making friends there and spending time together;)


Put a gun to his head

so me Ryan and Rt are chillin there at Rt's house Russel comes over and then me and Ryan goto my house and i turn my phone off.Two days pass by i turn my phone on and answer all the crazy amount of texts i the days go on through regular times at the clubs me performing with family with my mom Kai'Ja,auntie Kitana,Miranda,Lyric, and Eclipse.weeaks turn into months then six months pass by and RT is about to get taken off his program and i learn that Russel has bought him a bottle of grey goose to celebrate Ryan hold me back when i am about to unleash a fury onto him my anger has never flared more than it did in these moment a couple hours later finally i sneak to where Russel is and i have a gun i shoot the gun at the bottle of grey goose destroying it and Russel fought because it costed him like $120 dollars i left and met up with Ryan. To Be Continued..........


Peanut butter and chocolate pies and dreamy visions

we arrive at louise's in the sprinter instead of going to Lee's house.when we go in Lee has the crazy idea to make a peanut butter and chocolate we go to publix and try to find those pre-made pie crusts and some Reeses peanut butter searching for them i break away and decide to call Ryan.we are talking and talking and then he tells me Ben Patrick Johnson is there too.Ryan starts to insists that i try talking to him i tell him how we talked some on myspace and facebook so finally ryan goes and finds him and puts him on the phone.We talk about events that go on over there in hollywood and los angeles i tell him how i wanna bring those events here and i want him to help and he is all to eager to help and come here to get daytona in gear.So i ask to talk to Ryan again and so me and Ryan talk as me and lee head back to louise's with all the stuff.we start to make the pie and for fun i grab a bunch of knives and lee throws the reeses intot he air and i throw knives to cut them up and they land in the pie crust.we finish it all up cook it and eat it then go about a regular day making food and delivering it.i go home and wait till the next day.RT calls me and says he wants to goto wet and wild so i tell him alright lets go.i get ready and RT comes over picks me up and we goto the new wet and wild park in the jungle.we have a nice fun day there.i am suprised as we are leaving because Ryan is standing right there outside the exit.i run to him and hug him and fly into the air holding him.then we returned back to the ground and went with RT back to his house and we all just chilled ......To Be Continued


trip to Cali

[3 days long] one morning me,lee,gage,marisa and Katie all sitting around the Stone Park and we decided we were gonna all take a road trip me and Katie made a truce to make the road trip a little more bearable for us both.we end up taking the doge sprinter.we all head home from the park to pack i am living in the middle of The Swamp so in going home i have to deal with the wooden bridges with the barrels and the alligators and not wanting to really deal with them so i kinda just run real fast shooting my guns wildly to each side.I go inside i pack a few things and then just fly up put the top and meet at Lee's house i make comments about the crazy garden in front of his house.we all load our stuff into the printer.lee's mom had made us all food i look at my phone and see its only 6 P.M. so i realized i could still eat.It is an amazing meal of beef tips and yams we all eat and laugh over stories then we go out to get into the sprinter Gage is driving first.we are on the highway and within like an hour Katie falls asleep and then Lee and Marisa.Gage decides that he wants to start speeding as we enter Jacksonville,bad idea instantly there are two cops behind us not wanting to deal with the cops i fly out onto the top of the sprinter and i see a radio tower i used my telekinesis yank it up and slam it onto the cop cars.when i come back in Lee says"great now it's gonna take them forever to clean that up how are we gonna get past it".I tell him "i put it there and i can remove it duuuuuuuuh" we get to the edge of Florida and then like everyone has to use the bathroom so we stop at a truck stop.It's a Flying J's so it is like a mini-mall haha then Gage come running out saying some one stole his wallet Katie remembers the truck that just came out points him out in a group outside.Me and Lee go out to talk to him he of course denies it i tell him to stop lying.He pushes me so Lee punch him in the arm completely shattering it. the other truckers grab Lee i propel them away with some water.the other three get out guns and start shooting at me when the bullets fall to the floor they run the thief screaming in pain hands over the wallet.So i heal his arm and tell him to go we go inside buy some snack food then head out.As Katie opens the door i see the thief trucker in his semi speeding towards the store.i rush in front of Katie grab the semi before it hits anything fly it up and lock him and it in place about 500 feet in the air.Gage realizes that it is eleven pm so since he remembers lee slept all day he asked lee to drive so he could sleep.The thief trucker falls to the ground right as we are leaving and we all started laughing.when ever we are leaving Louisiana Gage says he is tired of driving so i take over and we drive till we are in the middle of texas and finally everyone is whining about have to be in the sprinter so we stop at some small town hotel to stay for that day and into the night.we find this interesting hotel the only room available is a child themed room.Well we all clearly were like "sweeeeeeet!", we went into the room and unloaded a few things and this is where things started to go wrong.Katie says she is gonna walk to the gas station to get some ice cream,when suddenly we see it explode and bodies go flying!and we watch as some of them get up and start walking again me,Lee and Gage in unison "zombies?!" so i walk to the sprinter and i grab my big bag of guns and we all head to investigate and yup gross zombies so we all just start mowing them down at least like fifty or more.when we are done everyone decides they wanna go into the store and see if they can get some the owner was cowering in the back he was sooo grateful that he gladly hands us Jaggermiester and grey goose so Gage grabs the video camera and they all start to get drunk and i video the entire time it reaches about 12 AM and everyone starts to pass out so i go for a walk.i have an interesting confrontation with some old ladies in the desert i return at about 10 AM to wake everyone up to get up for check out.we gather all our things and continue to go on our way to california.we arrived to california and went to the beach me and lee were talking about that if they wanted to hide the tape from last night we could always hide it under a phone station antenna.and so we pack up and leave back to florida.the trip back i decide to drive the entire way but it was interrupted........To Be Continued