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One angel is never a prison

So as the fire and chunks of wood and molten metal went flying past us from behind stood sacred the most daring and suicidal member of my team. I reflected upon one of our first raids where we went after Dr. Viper and in the assault I discovered the only way into his fortress was through a cannon containing a thousand automatic 50 caliber rifles.upon hearing this sacred dove right in before I mentioned I had to have Esjion hack and disable the guns defense systems. The guns fired reducing him to a wisp of flames and ash. You would think this was an endgame statement seeing as how you are not aware that sacred was the vassal of flame and I pure flame elemental, so bullets only acted as a stick passing through a flame. Moments later upon gathering himself he released a burst destroying and melting the guns inside the cannon. Back to our current situation now without hesitation we headed inside this nightmarish fortress of the twisted minds of typhon and sephiroth not knowing what dangers awaited us. Upon entering the doors in the main entrance way stood two statues of both terrible creatures out of spite deremous tackled and destroyed both statues. Typhon yelled out " that wasn't very nice" from the room ahead so we moved on to find both sephiroth and typhon seated in the next room as if their lives were not in danger at all. I yelled out to them " you two are to full of pride to be seated there as if nothing bad will happen to you do you not see the force amounted here against you do you really have that big of a false sense of true reality because you existed in one where I could be defeated and kept down for 750 years really you should have known that to be impossible" to which typhon replied " of course I knew it within the few hours I existed I began this entire escape plan." I wasn't gonna let more discussion to issue so I began attacking typhon which then lead everyone else attack him and sephiroth. Our battle pitted our powers and weapons against each other sephiroth summoning his dark creatures from the final fantasy world and typhon calling upon chimera to fight along their sides. The battle waged on for three days destroying the castle and reducing it to rubble and leaving only pits and mounds of debris as fighting ground. Suddenly we had sephiroth and that devil typhon cornered and tired sephiroth stabbed through typhon's back piercing his heart and then masamune slid inside the terror t sword awestruck and frozen I did not see the blades heading for me as they pierced my right eye and I felt as dysteration flowed from my eye into the blade and watched as typhon's body was destroyed as sephiroth was able to adsorb this terrible power. In which prompted typhon to say " see with your own eye as my master escape plan..... " he was destroyed before he could finish his words. Then a powerful blast came from my eye knocking me and everyone down.when we got to our feet sephiroth was No where to be found. Everyone asked if I was alright I said yes but I think he just stole dysteration from me......