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gifts left behind from the evil creatures

so over the next few days i walked around in despair as this weird metal took over my flesh and then my face i made all arrangements for the company to be ran good.finally after 7 days i was at the point that i could no longer walk on my own i used hover pods mounted on the bottom of my feet to move face was completely covered but i could still see so i had them place me in the main hall of the head HQ of granitus corps i was in the hand shaking there i sat for years after the metal had completely taken over a few years into it when everyone was gone two shadowy grim figures appeared before me it was the bad sephiroth and typhon i tried screaming and i was able to mentally tell everyone.sephiroth began to tell me they would lay dorment and would launch a plan to bring down this would and i would have to watch as they destroyed the whole world.they both vanished in the darkest cloud of energy and everyone arrived and i told them how they had came there they ran emrald horizons scanner and they couldnt find them anywhere even the left behind energy was negative of any energy signature resembling typhon or sephiroth so as the year past.arye came to me and told me he had found the solution to my metal problem it would take him a bit to build up the strength to destroy it since it thrived off my own power and the next day like 20 granitus corps buildings were destroyed and billions of dollars of merchandise was destroyed there was no trace on who did it had been 750 years and finally Arye comes to me and tell me he is ready to destroy the curse and he proceeds to pump into me the hottest firey energy and i feel as the metal melts off and out of my body.when i am free i fly out of there and i begin to scan around trying to find sephiroth or typhon and i couldnt see or sense them anywhere......