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frigid seas and the titan boat

so we being on this giant ship still not knowing when it was or what ship it was begin to walk to a room and with intentions to find an unoccupied room and take some clothes.i lock in on a room that has clothes and no one is there i break into it and we search for clues nothing but we find some nifty clothes. luckily we were on the upper deck and they were rich.i was hoping that at any second now my mind would be able to figure out where we were the time travel had jarred and disabled any help from Emerald i decide that just waiting around wont solve we find a room that has three guy in it i ask to be invited in and i freeze them and take their boarding passes we are aboard the Titanic so we decide we will rest i then shrink the fellas down and hide them in a suitcase and we take a rest very comfortable the suite was these guys def had some lee and gage slept so did everyone else it seemed i grab my boarding pass and walked around the deck suddenly it came flooding to me when we were it was the night before the day that the titanic would hit the iceberg.which meant that tomorrow is when people would make such a big deal about getting to america faster i made sure no one could see me and i went invisible and flew away and followed the track of where the iceburg would be i stopped and thought what if this was another trap and i would set forth another growth of the witchcraft power so i returned back to the ship.i walked around for a bit trying to find someone going through to the lower quarters i stumble upon two witches since gage and lee were not there i knew i could unleash a fury of power and not feel was about to raise her hand to cast something at me so i incinerated her hand the other i turned into wood and kicked her into a million pieces and directed the splinters into the other witch who then vanished.i returned to my room and waited for lee and gage to wake be continued


time spent among enemies

as we are walking through some denizens of cassadaga stopped us and warned us that there are still 12 other witches and warlocks and that they are planning on sending us back in time.we didnt spend to much time dwelling on that at all we moved along and tried to find them as we were walking the ground started to change more the dirt got darker the trees were morphing more thick thorny vines were growing around us we then approached the lake and right in the middle were the 12 there were 8 warlocks and 4 of the warlocks flew up and the water turned into smoke it rose and surrounded us the chants were about us going back in time so we were ready but not entirely ready for what awaited us.the smoke dissipated from around us and we found ourselves right before the hanging of Bridget Bishop right there on Gallows Hill.Bridget would have been one of the first executed during the salem witch hunt.we immediately said that we came in the name of God and showed that our armor had crosses and holy scripture.they were satisfied and asked why we were there i did what i thought was the smart thing and i told them that we came to show the true power of God so that the witches would be scared and turn from their pagan ways and accept God then out of the crowd flew one of the warlocks that was over the lake i flew up to tackle him and we fought hand to hand mixed with a few blast i mentioned he seemed stronger then the others he laughed i shot a blast that peeled away flesh and bone from his torso i figured he would just collapse and die but he just laughed and i watched as his bones and flesh restored and then he vanished.i told lee and gage what was going on that we were in 1692 salem,Massachusetts and that we had arrived right at the beginning of the salem witch trials the people called off the hanging adn for the next couple of weeks we spent talking to people so instead of people being inprisoned and the 19 known hangings and unknown vigilante killings those people were saved.we thought we were doing the right thing suddening the fire from the fireplace filled the room we were in and from it walked one of the witches from cassadaga.she told us that because we saved a few witches and stopped the fear campaign so many books were saved and the entire witchcraft study had increased over the years and she and the other witches were so much more powerful now so still i engage her in a fight it ends quick when i decapitate her and then suddenly we are swallowed  by the fire from the fire place and end up on a big ship in the middle of the be continued


something wicked this way must go!

We move on into the town more as we do the storms in the sky grow and the clouds turn black as blood and blood rains down from the skies.i hear the murmuring of some sorta spell"bound by blood let them fall to their knees" and some other junk only when the blood hits our armor covered bodies it boils and turns into ash. we approach this house that i know was never there before it was well structured had little flaws but it was old looking so we walk to the front doors the windows are blacken over by some dark black magic energy as i go to touch the door hands start stretching out from it as if it is rubber and not a big wooden door and blood starts dripping from the hands.i ask lee if he would please break down the door with his muffler type soon as he breaks down the door there is a group of witches standing there and lee used his muffler thing to sling back their blasts at them sending them thru the walls. blast start coming from up stairs and around corners so i pull Lee and Gage into a side room and tell them that i will have to carve a alchemaic blast circles on their armor's palms. so we go out into the  main hall and we just start sending blasts into the house i fly fast up threw the ceiling to the second floor. blast a slash up some warlocks when a blast out of no where knocks me into a grandfather clock the warlock who blasted me grabs the un-coiled wires and starts to choke me i breathe fire from my mouth and set him on fire.he continues to punch at me when gage's bat goes through his chest and he is peeled off of me.the house starts to shake and groan and it starts to melt and dematerialize into the air i say we gotta get out of there....... To Be Continued