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One angel is never a prison

So as the fire and chunks of wood and molten metal went flying past us from behind stood sacred the most daring and suicidal member of my team. I reflected upon one of our first raids where we went after Dr. Viper and in the assault I discovered the only way into his fortress was through a cannon containing a thousand automatic 50 caliber rifles.upon hearing this sacred dove right in before I mentioned I had to have Esjion hack and disable the guns defense systems. The guns fired reducing him to a wisp of flames and ash. You would think this was an endgame statement seeing as how you are not aware that sacred was the vassal of flame and I pure flame elemental, so bullets only acted as a stick passing through a flame. Moments later upon gathering himself he released a burst destroying and melting the guns inside the cannon. Back to our current situation now without hesitation we headed inside this nightmarish fortress of the twisted minds of typhon and sephiroth not knowing what dangers awaited us. Upon entering the doors in the main entrance way stood two statues of both terrible creatures out of spite deremous tackled and destroyed both statues. Typhon yelled out " that wasn't very nice" from the room ahead so we moved on to find both sephiroth and typhon seated in the next room as if their lives were not in danger at all. I yelled out to them " you two are to full of pride to be seated there as if nothing bad will happen to you do you not see the force amounted here against you do you really have that big of a false sense of true reality because you existed in one where I could be defeated and kept down for 750 years really you should have known that to be impossible" to which typhon replied " of course I knew it within the few hours I existed I began this entire escape plan." I wasn't gonna let more discussion to issue so I began attacking typhon which then lead everyone else attack him and sephiroth. Our battle pitted our powers and weapons against each other sephiroth summoning his dark creatures from the final fantasy world and typhon calling upon chimera to fight along their sides. The battle waged on for three days destroying the castle and reducing it to rubble and leaving only pits and mounds of debris as fighting ground. Suddenly we had sephiroth and that devil typhon cornered and tired sephiroth stabbed through typhon's back piercing his heart and then masamune slid inside the terror t sword awestruck and frozen I did not see the blades heading for me as they pierced my right eye and I felt as dysteration flowed from my eye into the blade and watched as typhon's body was destroyed as sephiroth was able to adsorb this terrible power. In which prompted typhon to say " see with your own eye as my master escape plan..... " he was destroyed before he could finish his words. Then a powerful blast came from my eye knocking me and everyone down.when we got to our feet sephiroth was No where to be found. Everyone asked if I was alright I said yes but I think he just stole dysteration from me......


when they gang up it throws your gang down

so i began working on a way to track them down.Tweaking emerald horizon's gear so intense pushing his radar to it's limits at times draining it's power down to almost nothing recharging and restarting growing so frustrated with taking apart and piecing together the radar systems finding a new design for the dishes and finally I got it just right their signatures finely showed up on the screens. So I gathered everyone up and told them that we will go there and proceed with an all out siege I told them "there is No telling what will waiting there for us I have no idea What hardware typhon and sephiroth might have constructed so it might be a bad situation.... " so me, chrome, sephira, Marcus, Madonna and EmHo headed to the location. The structure we arrived to was truly a horrifying site it was a nightmare version of granitus with bones and mangled flesh made up the castles construction and a moat of blood and dismembered bodies encompassed the castle.we landed down right in front of the castle drawbridge and talked about how to get in,when all of a sudden the bridge flew out at us in a firey blast.......

In Due Time They always Come Back

So as me and Chrome explore this new world i have and we go on adventures there in we come across amazing sights and other experiences and the last day comes i attempt to access EmHo via my bangle and cant reach him or anyone so then i attempt to leave that world and as i am i encounter an intense amout of pain so i stop and ask Chrome to go ahead.He came back and told me that this world was encased in a world made completely of rontgen crystals so i was like okay Chrome you have to travel through it get out of my room and seal the door so the does this.i let out a blast of energy the destroys my world and the other world surrounding it.The problem was some of the crystals were not destroyed in the explosion of the world i created so i was weakened a lot when i landed in my room screamed for chrome the door opened and sephiroth walked in with Chrome in a head lock and typhon right next to him.I said it was about time they showed themselves i stood and told them to let Chrome go they refused so i said it was only for their own good then Chrome turned into his thousand blade form causing sephiroth to let him go and he ran and got everyone.Then typhon came at me and slammed me against the wall luckily i had my gun at my side so i shot him in the face causing his head to become a giant hole so i said well see you are a simple copy of the original and not as strong he gurgled something and began to heal sephiroth grabbed me threw me against the ceiling i shot at him and he destroyed the then Derrmolos came in and carried me outside sephiroth and typhon cam running after me and then i was like "do you guys think you will gain or win over with anything in this world both of your predecessors failed what makes either of you different?".then they both simply vanished into thin air and everyone started asking me what i was gonna do all at once i said i have no idea it was all to much for me to handle at once so i said dont worry i will work out something out..........


Bad guys simply do not vanish

I was there floating in space and scanning the earth trying to find with nothing showing up I flew even further up and went into emerald horizon and put full power into the scanners and nothing showed up even with the eletro spectrometer. Then I even checked the security videos of where I was and still saw nothing I began to think I imagined the whole thing but then remembered that there was no way so as I sat there watching the video I noticed a grey hair fall to the floor I zoomed and enhanced and sure enough it was sephiroths hair.I then followed as the hair was cleaned up and placed in a garbage can that had not been changed yet.without thinking I teleported back to the granitus corps HQ and there it was scanned and verified that it was sephiroths not realizing that there were guest over at a dinner party one of which being the good sephiroth from the normal reality over heard me state that it was hkm confused I pulled him aside and told him what I had seen which prompted him to use his dispel ability and sure enough the scanners went off stating there was residule typhonic energy.right as I was about to break down over the whole ordeal Chrome the eastern chairman of granitus corps told me that he had placed someone in charge of his entire office and that he and I needed to get away from all the stress.sephiroth informed me he would report the findings to my team and they would work together to hunt down both typhon and I asked Chrome what he had in mind and he wanted to go on a 10000 year hiatus but only be gone for about 2 days I told him that would not be a we enter a alternate world I had created in the middle of my bed.sadly right when this happened typhon unblended from the shadows and encased this alternate world within another that was heavy in x-ray radiations.......


gifts left behind from the evil creatures

so over the next few days i walked around in despair as this weird metal took over my flesh and then my face i made all arrangements for the company to be ran good.finally after 7 days i was at the point that i could no longer walk on my own i used hover pods mounted on the bottom of my feet to move face was completely covered but i could still see so i had them place me in the main hall of the head HQ of granitus corps i was in the hand shaking there i sat for years after the metal had completely taken over a few years into it when everyone was gone two shadowy grim figures appeared before me it was the bad sephiroth and typhon i tried screaming and i was able to mentally tell everyone.sephiroth began to tell me they would lay dorment and would launch a plan to bring down this would and i would have to watch as they destroyed the whole world.they both vanished in the darkest cloud of energy and everyone arrived and i told them how they had came there they ran emrald horizons scanner and they couldnt find them anywhere even the left behind energy was negative of any energy signature resembling typhon or sephiroth so as the year past.arye came to me and told me he had found the solution to my metal problem it would take him a bit to build up the strength to destroy it since it thrived off my own power and the next day like 20 granitus corps buildings were destroyed and billions of dollars of merchandise was destroyed there was no trace on who did it had been 750 years and finally Arye comes to me and tell me he is ready to destroy the curse and he proceeds to pump into me the hottest firey energy and i feel as the metal melts off and out of my body.when i am free i fly out of there and i begin to scan around trying to find sephiroth or typhon and i couldnt see or sense them anywhere......


when we reach the end there will be a winner

so as we went forward on the adventure to the HQ of granitus corps i saw the ground around us start to crack and my energy started coming out from it.thats when i realized that i still had control over my power but i had to use the architect as a way point and that i only had a limited amount of time till my energy would destroy him and this world being displaced like i put forward all my telekinesis to make us speedup and forward.we watch as buildings start to crumble Arye questions why this is happening i tell him because The architect was only able to create this place using the portion of my energy and since it now was separated from the source it has become unstable thus making the whole reality unstable as a whole.we finally arrived at the HQ we went in and i found a transport gate and aimed it to go to the main Granitus corps thinking thats where everyone had to be.i used it and i was right we arrived right as they were Resurrecting typhon.Arye started laying down some heavy holy fire as was pelting psionic burst at them then finally i grabbed the architect and used him to gather together my power and then i used it to destroy his power and decontruct the whole world leaving us in the building then typhon and echidna grabbed me and i decided to make the call and i destroyed them and gave arye his powers back and me and arye went back and when we got there architect stabbed me with some knife made of solid rontgenite i pulled it out and destroyed it and sent him away to and Arye left and went to emerald horizon since everyone was there and i told madonna that i wanted to separate from her.then i went to sleep when i woke up in a few days i looked in the mirror and saw as part of my face and arm was covered in metal so i grabbed to pull it off and ended up ripping it out of my flesh.....


pain will never be my friend even in my fantasies

so i gather together cars to construct a nice heavy vehicle 50 inch wheels independent hydraulic suspension for each wheel allowing for height adjustment of a foot to five foot.the door in was a solid piece that could be used as a ramp to walk onto a roof of a i finished the building and told Arye that we had to go just then my emerald horizon played a garbled message from lee in the real world  people were getting concerned over the length of time it had been since i had any communication and that typhon had killed himself.i told him to calm down and everything will be me and Arye go on the move driving down the street using emho to find the nearest HQ as we are driving fire balls are shot at the car i look around and see no one suddenly sephiroth goes through the side of the car and is floating there so as to get him away from Arye i quickly open the door and fly up and away sephiroth is right behing me and tackles me into a few houses on my back pushing me through house after house breaking my neck then shoulders finally stopping saying oh Ziba how weak you have gotten i explained i havent gotten weak that the person who created this false world had taken them from me he tells me ah that the was the feeling i had of this world i knew someone as strong as you couldnt be destroyed and the proof is right here so lets test it more and then he sets me on fire until i burn down to nothing and i am still there and i scream stop and push him back through several blocks of homes.I get up and begin to regenerate it takes a matter of seconds just in enough time for sephiroth to return i quickly make a sword out of the piping in the wall of the house and we have an epic sword fight crashing through i am fighting Arye uses the Stan pendant to summon Stan and tells him to go help me stan fires a full power blast into sephiroth's chest and i stab him through the head he dies and becomes lifestream matter i absorb some of it making me a little faster and as stan and i are flying typhon appears and  tackles me and Stan into a warehouse stan is knocked out me and typhon start an all out brawl.using metal beams,forklifts,pipes impaling each other,propane tanks and of course a metal sink.He then lifts me up using telekineses choking me and throws me toward a support beam at the same time creating spikes to impale me and tangles the spikes around my arms legs and neck.typhon begins to go on a rant of how he is aware that he is partly the real typhon because he was givien the real typhon's powers that dwelled inside me after i took them from the original typhon and that he would escape this reality and enter the real one and mid sentence a blast of fire tore through his chest and burned away at his body until it was nothing but dust which i bundled together grabbed Stan walked outside the warehouse transmuted it into on giant metal shell over the ashes of typhon and then we got into the car and resumed our trip to the nearest Granitus Corps HQ which was just outside florida in new midian