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something wicked this way must go!

We move on into the town more as we do the storms in the sky grow and the clouds turn black as blood and blood rains down from the skies.i hear the murmuring of some sorta spell"bound by blood let them fall to their knees" and some other junk only when the blood hits our armor covered bodies it boils and turns into ash. we approach this house that i know was never there before it was well structured had little flaws but it was old looking so we walk to the front doors the windows are blacken over by some dark black magic energy as i go to touch the door hands start stretching out from it as if it is rubber and not a big wooden door and blood starts dripping from the hands.i ask lee if he would please break down the door with his muffler type soon as he breaks down the door there is a group of witches standing there and lee used his muffler thing to sling back their blasts at them sending them thru the walls. blast start coming from up stairs and around corners so i pull Lee and Gage into a side room and tell them that i will have to carve a alchemaic blast circles on their armor's palms. so we go out into the  main hall and we just start sending blasts into the house i fly fast up threw the ceiling to the second floor. blast a slash up some warlocks when a blast out of no where knocks me into a grandfather clock the warlock who blasted me grabs the un-coiled wires and starts to choke me i breathe fire from my mouth and set him on fire.he continues to punch at me when gage's bat goes through his chest and he is peeled off of me.the house starts to shake and groan and it starts to melt and dematerialize into the air i say we gotta get out of there....... To Be Continued

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