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victory over witchery

so this day begins like another day i turn on the TV to start watching some shows when comes on a breaking news report.apparently in cassadega there has been an uprising of people claiming to be witches and warlocks then one of the guys speaks up and blast the new report away turns her into ash. i immediately call both Lee and Gage tell them that we gotta go there and take care of this before it gets out of hand.i load up my car with a few things.they meet me at my house and we head out there.when we arrive there is looks as if the place it a part of some nightmare before christmas/medieval/post-apocalyptic place.the road was cracked up with what looked like huge blast marks and there was a thorny vine overgrowth.i know immediately that this is serious so i tell them that we must find some metal prolly some big old we went to nearby deland found some neat old car i was like okay we wont be able to comfortably drive in a car wearing armor so i inform them that i will have absorb the metal and fabric into their bodies til we get back.we drive back there and it smells of death and decay.we get out of my car and i purge the metal and fabric from their bodies seperate it into pure iron and create some armor and them some holy inbuned weapons sooo i ask what do they want.lee says he wants a muffler gage wants a bat with nails in it and i continue on with my tether. so we venture into the town and out from the woods come zombies so i am like okay gage go for it ill give you back up if they get to be to much. he starts hacking away at them and as soon as his bat hit their head it sparks and singes so i know that they are alive using demonic witchery. right as the last zombie falls a purple fire ball blasts into a pile of the zombies and some lady descends upon the flame and goes on about how she is sooo powerful storm clouds start forming and as she is talking a channel the lightening through my body and shoot it into her she falls the zombies turn back into normal looking dead bodies and so we walk to the town and are confronted by two warlocks and a witch they start fighting us and we defeat them and when we get into the town we meet some people and they were warning us that that the witches were talking about going to the past.i tell them that they must find the foot prints of any of the witches or warlocks and drive iron nails into them because it will weaken the link between them and the demons of the earth and as full fludge they must walk around barefoot........ to be continued

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