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disaster avoided but potent problem presented

So as the sun rose above the atlantic ocean so did my companions.Quickly we went over the details and the dilemma we were facing save the titanic and change world history and risk making things worse by making the witches more powerful.Finally we came to a solution that we must help out and either way we would be able to fix it so i went down to the engine room and i made the pipes powering the engines slightly smaller so that the engines would not be strong enough to speed fast enough to cause that bad of damage to the hull in addition i strenghtened the sides of the ship. suddenly night had fallen upon us and we witnessed the fight between some people that turned into a crazy battle i notice that one of the people involved in the fight had a philosopher stone! and the other men were yellling in german and firing upon the  people i stepped in and stopped the german men and allowed the person with the stone to go free.we had passed the point were the iceburg was supposed to be but there wasnt one there werent any at was at that point we were returned to casadega and before us were the witches and warlocks i decided to let gage and lee take them on ended with one of the warlocks being repentant and turning over a new leaf and accepting Christ into his heart.suddenly as we were expecting cassadega to change back into the country town it once was the streets turned into big wide paved city streets skyscrapers and statues began to appear. then out of the biggest building right in front of us step out nine dudes in suits i reconize them as the archtypes a group of guys who are able to build up cities and what ever they want randomly but they are different much stronger now.i decide that i have had enough of people of one day so i teleport me lee and gage out of there.we arrive at one of my headquarters in japan.i ask my computer EmHo what is going on he explains the stopping of the salem witch trials gave the witches strength but then the Godly people who survived the titantic were able to overthrow and stifle the witches and wiccan practices but me allowing the stone to pass on instead of being loss to the germans who would become nazi party members caused a change in alchemy among a select group of people which allowed the archtypes to be slightly more powerful.At that point the walls from granitus corps were peeled away and there hovering were the archtypes i told them to leave me alone and they went into the same super-villain type monologue and then me and sephiroth(not the final fantasy character) and derrick began to fight them creating giant machines to fight then one on one back and forth finally evanescener appeared and started to make it easier to fight them finally i trapped them in a air-tight dome of a material called black vine that could not be altered by anyone other than those i taught how to i scanned until i saw that they had died. suddenly the dome started to crack and exploded the archtype bodies had melted and formed into the alchemy circle needed to destroy the material.then the gross melted black goo that the archtypes had became began to merge into an orb which then turned into crystal and in the middle was someone suddenly a door appeared and out walked a man similar to the archtypes but much taller and had a fancier suit.He explained that he was the architect the one who made the archtypes and that he had been spending alot of time over thinking what to do with me.he explained that the archtypes were never supposed to be villains they just kinda got out of hand when they fought me but he was gonna put a stop to me because i was throwing the balance of things way out.That is when i lost it and i decided to lift him up using my telekinesis and approach him mid hold he let out a blast that broke my hold i attempted to regrip him when i saw he used the same strength psionics to block my grasp i asked him how this was possible he laughed so i punched him in the face completely fracturing his skull he got up screaming then laughing as his head fixed itself i then punched him again this time when my fist hit his face his skin cracked and revealed x-ray crystals which shattered my hand he quickly changed his face back to normal and said that i should stop and suddenly my mini-slaque appeared opened up and sucked me him and my EmHodroid he told me that he actually had spent alot of time inside of one of my Emhodroids secretly gathering information on black vine material and how to rebuild the slaque for holding me then he vanished and i spent a few minutes blasting trying to destroy my way out of the slaque with no luck meanwhile on the outside this architect explained that he was actually leonardo be continues

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