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great deconstruction and a world forgotten

so as i stood there in a prison of my own making a began to think and i was distracted because i did not know what he would be doing to my family outside those thinking and remember that he mentioned how he was inside one of my EmHodroids.So i asked the one that was in there with me if had any kind of way of scanning himself and giving me a spectral analysis he said yes and gave me one and i notice there was indeed a power anomaly i then myself scanned him and i was able to see it.So i sat there slowly draining him of power careful to not let it flare up into the slaque and get burned away.i had enough and worned him that i was gonna have to rip him to shreds to separate the architects power.So i did and i heard his milisecond scream and there it was a good amount of the architects power i absorbed it into me and then i was able to shut down and shatter hrew the wall of he slaque with a flying fist that landed right in the chest of the architect.He was shocked so i told him how i did it and how his villain monologue is what gave me the knowledge i needed to escape so i grabbed him and channeled into me more of his power and then used it to eliminate all the damage and structures that had been created by him and the archtypes.he then began to laugh so much loud an maniacally.I was like what is your deal? he told me that like a misquito me sucking his energy i had also exchanged some with him and that his energy in me made him able to absorb remotely more of mine and certain other goodies.suddenly he shot me with what might have been the strongest amount of electricity i have ever been shot with then we were surround by black goo that suddenly disappeared and we were in outer space just outside of earths orbit me derrick evanescencer madonna mark and lee. we began to decend when i realized this was not our earth emerald horizon was no where to be seen the surface of the planet was different the north pole was a giant ice i tracked down where the architect was some little hut in the middle of america we arrived there and burst into the house and i demanded he tell me what had happened he told me that he had invented a world where i had died 750 years be continued

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