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pain will never be my friend even in my fantasies

so i gather together cars to construct a nice heavy vehicle 50 inch wheels independent hydraulic suspension for each wheel allowing for height adjustment of a foot to five foot.the door in was a solid piece that could be used as a ramp to walk onto a roof of a i finished the building and told Arye that we had to go just then my emerald horizon played a garbled message from lee in the real world  people were getting concerned over the length of time it had been since i had any communication and that typhon had killed himself.i told him to calm down and everything will be me and Arye go on the move driving down the street using emho to find the nearest HQ as we are driving fire balls are shot at the car i look around and see no one suddenly sephiroth goes through the side of the car and is floating there so as to get him away from Arye i quickly open the door and fly up and away sephiroth is right behing me and tackles me into a few houses on my back pushing me through house after house breaking my neck then shoulders finally stopping saying oh Ziba how weak you have gotten i explained i havent gotten weak that the person who created this false world had taken them from me he tells me ah that the was the feeling i had of this world i knew someone as strong as you couldnt be destroyed and the proof is right here so lets test it more and then he sets me on fire until i burn down to nothing and i am still there and i scream stop and push him back through several blocks of homes.I get up and begin to regenerate it takes a matter of seconds just in enough time for sephiroth to return i quickly make a sword out of the piping in the wall of the house and we have an epic sword fight crashing through i am fighting Arye uses the Stan pendant to summon Stan and tells him to go help me stan fires a full power blast into sephiroth's chest and i stab him through the head he dies and becomes lifestream matter i absorb some of it making me a little faster and as stan and i are flying typhon appears and  tackles me and Stan into a warehouse stan is knocked out me and typhon start an all out brawl.using metal beams,forklifts,pipes impaling each other,propane tanks and of course a metal sink.He then lifts me up using telekineses choking me and throws me toward a support beam at the same time creating spikes to impale me and tangles the spikes around my arms legs and neck.typhon begins to go on a rant of how he is aware that he is partly the real typhon because he was givien the real typhon's powers that dwelled inside me after i took them from the original typhon and that he would escape this reality and enter the real one and mid sentence a blast of fire tore through his chest and burned away at his body until it was nothing but dust which i bundled together grabbed Stan walked outside the warehouse transmuted it into on giant metal shell over the ashes of typhon and then we got into the car and resumed our trip to the nearest Granitus Corps HQ which was just outside florida in new midian

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