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not all powers are taken

so i test it and as i would think i and arye still retained the power of telekinesis and arye had grasp of sacred flame we knew both would prove to be very useful so we fight through some zombies i get blindsighted and taken down by a evoluadam which is kind of a cross between a human zombie and it takes me to the ground and bites a chunk out of my side oh the pain i have not felt that for a long time.i pass out because of the pain.i am then plunged into a memory of the space station pierson wreckage as i free fall from a airship piloted by mark when i touched down i had my first encounter with one of these creatures my reflexes quick but its almost matching as the fist i through ends up in it's mouth i watch as it attempts to chew on it only dulling it's own teeth i stretch open my fist breaking the jaw of this creature.then shooting it in the brain having my emerald horizon armlet scan it to see if there is any record on the net it comes back with all the information mark finally lands the ship and joins me i tell him i wanna figure out a place to build a zombie killing amusement park having the feeling that there is someone watching me.i tell mark we must move along and see if there is a centralized colony of the evoluadam.we walk the streets shooting off the legs and arms of some zombies along the way leaving behind some cameras around monitoring the regeneration of the zombies because when Dr. Kegro viper made the zombie virus it had some plant like qualities so in sunlight the zombies would be able to heal and even grow and develope into evoluadams since the other part was demon DNA so i remembered that at the end of the research that clouds and overcast caused the zombies to slow down and eventually that point i awakened in some house to arye passed out next to me i opened up the ceiling and drew a thick cloud weather alchemy circle activated it and propelled it into the sky and locked it there. came back down and arye was awake and i told him about the weather and looked through the window and began destroying every zombie i saw telling arye to come work wit me as well on his sacred flame to strengthen it then i began moving cars into the house enough to build a nice big vehicle to get to the nearest granitus be continued

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