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Bad guys simply do not vanish

I was there floating in space and scanning the earth trying to find with nothing showing up I flew even further up and went into emerald horizon and put full power into the scanners and nothing showed up even with the eletro spectrometer. Then I even checked the security videos of where I was and still saw nothing I began to think I imagined the whole thing but then remembered that there was no way so as I sat there watching the video I noticed a grey hair fall to the floor I zoomed and enhanced and sure enough it was sephiroths hair.I then followed as the hair was cleaned up and placed in a garbage can that had not been changed yet.without thinking I teleported back to the granitus corps HQ and there it was scanned and verified that it was sephiroths not realizing that there were guest over at a dinner party one of which being the good sephiroth from the normal reality over heard me state that it was hkm confused I pulled him aside and told him what I had seen which prompted him to use his dispel ability and sure enough the scanners went off stating there was residule typhonic energy.right as I was about to break down over the whole ordeal Chrome the eastern chairman of granitus corps told me that he had placed someone in charge of his entire office and that he and I needed to get away from all the stress.sephiroth informed me he would report the findings to my team and they would work together to hunt down both typhon and I asked Chrome what he had in mind and he wanted to go on a 10000 year hiatus but only be gone for about 2 days I told him that would not be a we enter a alternate world I had created in the middle of my bed.sadly right when this happened typhon unblended from the shadows and encased this alternate world within another that was heavy in x-ray radiations.......

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