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In Due Time They always Come Back

So as me and Chrome explore this new world i have and we go on adventures there in we come across amazing sights and other experiences and the last day comes i attempt to access EmHo via my bangle and cant reach him or anyone so then i attempt to leave that world and as i am i encounter an intense amout of pain so i stop and ask Chrome to go ahead.He came back and told me that this world was encased in a world made completely of rontgen crystals so i was like okay Chrome you have to travel through it get out of my room and seal the door so the does this.i let out a blast of energy the destroys my world and the other world surrounding it.The problem was some of the crystals were not destroyed in the explosion of the world i created so i was weakened a lot when i landed in my room screamed for chrome the door opened and sephiroth walked in with Chrome in a head lock and typhon right next to him.I said it was about time they showed themselves i stood and told them to let Chrome go they refused so i said it was only for their own good then Chrome turned into his thousand blade form causing sephiroth to let him go and he ran and got everyone.Then typhon came at me and slammed me against the wall luckily i had my gun at my side so i shot him in the face causing his head to become a giant hole so i said well see you are a simple copy of the original and not as strong he gurgled something and began to heal sephiroth grabbed me threw me against the ceiling i shot at him and he destroyed the then Derrmolos came in and carried me outside sephiroth and typhon cam running after me and then i was like "do you guys think you will gain or win over with anything in this world both of your predecessors failed what makes either of you different?".then they both simply vanished into thin air and everyone started asking me what i was gonna do all at once i said i have no idea it was all to much for me to handle at once so i said dont worry i will work out something out..........

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