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when they gang up it throws your gang down

so i began working on a way to track them down.Tweaking emerald horizon's gear so intense pushing his radar to it's limits at times draining it's power down to almost nothing recharging and restarting growing so frustrated with taking apart and piecing together the radar systems finding a new design for the dishes and finally I got it just right their signatures finely showed up on the screens. So I gathered everyone up and told them that we will go there and proceed with an all out siege I told them "there is No telling what will waiting there for us I have no idea What hardware typhon and sephiroth might have constructed so it might be a bad situation.... " so me, chrome, sephira, Marcus, Madonna and EmHo headed to the location. The structure we arrived to was truly a horrifying site it was a nightmare version of granitus with bones and mangled flesh made up the castles construction and a moat of blood and dismembered bodies encompassed the castle.we landed down right in front of the castle drawbridge and talked about how to get in,when all of a sudden the bridge flew out at us in a firey blast.......

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