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met You there....

As me and ryan neared the end of our voyage on the tube system I told him where we were going. Our destination was a place on the countryside where I told My Lady I would always meet her. It was the the place where camelot once stood. Me and ryan hitchhike there and get to know quite a few individuals along the way on happy couple needs help with their house so me and ryan helped the legit way. We help them repair their wall we put wooden bracers and painted them. Then we were on our way to camelot,we arrived there right as the sun was going down and there she her and ryan spent a long time talking it was emotional she really liked ryan I was happy. I asked her to come back with me she said I'd be fine for now. Me and ryan decided to just fly outta there. Arrived home to all my friends i told them how she was. To Be Continued


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