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Badlands tend to have their own sense of charm

So as me and Ayre discuss his clothing line EmHo come bursting into the board room telling me that he has some really epic news.He then informs me to call in everyone,so i give out a mass alert for everyone to meet in the Granitus Corps lobby.We all come together and EmHo rushes us up to where the sphere that hold the Architect's alternate world which is now called D-750.Emerald horizon had performed a complete scan of the sphere and has found that very dangerous energies are displacing Architect's Energy,so further analysis shows this energy to be that of typhon and we all kinda freeze in place over this news because no one expected something like this to happen so i ask but as i am asking it comes to me when the Architect merged with my power the pieces he took from me also included them and a few other pieces of some other badguys.EmHo went into describing about how disterration actually stored people in my own powercore and so we needed to plan something soon because if they were to become aware they could consume that world and escape and become quite a challenge for us so i told everyone that it would just make sense for me to just go into the world and take care of everything there myself tracking down the architect imprisoning him and then typhon and echidna.before i went i made a trip to Slague to visit the typhon of this world told him that there would be another him there he told me that he was aware of another him and knew that only i would have had the power to make this possible and at first he thought i had fallen again and was sad to see that i hadn't but he warned that it was gonna happen i told him that it couldnt and the feeling he had was just my inpending failure to contain this new typhon who would soon enter the i returned back to Granitus corps and preceded to go into the sphere right as i went in i recieved a message from Arye that he was on his way there too......

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