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The gift of powerlessness is so sad

as i enter the world i land on a metal surface that has an interesting making on it and i notice that its a alchemy circle derived from my own design for extracting my own power in the main power manifold of all my machines and buildings and then i saw architect echidna typhon server matrix jack cody and electrochain all standing there as the reached out to activate it i concentrated real hard on trying to destroy it but i wasnt fast enough and i was locked down but then i realized that my power would not be stable enough to burn  off and destroy itself so i told him  and he replied that he knew and he also was just waiting on who ever else would come through the gate because it would take two people to destroy eachothers powers i thought in my mind about Arye and typhon said "yes there another the fire cat that saved you interesting hahahah" i tried even harder to destroy the circle but it just had grip of my power so much that it just started to get brighter and brighter and electric discharges were flying off one bolt struck one of cody's guards and it destroyed him so they all backed away except the architect who just calmly walked across and towards me just to punch me in the face which then it started to happen the gate was opening and i saw Arye coming through and as he landed i felt the weight of what was about to happen.As i saw Arye's power leave from his body and enter the circle i got up and grabbed him and explained to him what was happening. so as our powers collided and began to cancel eachother's out i was so sad but then as the final amount begun to vanish it formed into a red ball and so knowing that this was the burst i had tried to create i pulled out my iron armor and covered me and Arye and felt the blast of power flow around us as we were thrown somewhere far away.when we finally stopped moving i got up and discarded the damaged half melted armor and tried to find out where we were.while walking we came upon some zombies so i knew we were in florida..........

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