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Peanut butter and chocolate pies and dreamy visions

we arrive at louise's in the sprinter instead of going to Lee's house.when we go in Lee has the crazy idea to make a peanut butter and chocolate we go to publix and try to find those pre-made pie crusts and some Reeses peanut butter searching for them i break away and decide to call Ryan.we are talking and talking and then he tells me Ben Patrick Johnson is there too.Ryan starts to insists that i try talking to him i tell him how we talked some on myspace and facebook so finally ryan goes and finds him and puts him on the phone.We talk about events that go on over there in hollywood and los angeles i tell him how i wanna bring those events here and i want him to help and he is all to eager to help and come here to get daytona in gear.So i ask to talk to Ryan again and so me and Ryan talk as me and lee head back to louise's with all the stuff.we start to make the pie and for fun i grab a bunch of knives and lee throws the reeses intot he air and i throw knives to cut them up and they land in the pie crust.we finish it all up cook it and eat it then go about a regular day making food and delivering it.i go home and wait till the next day.RT calls me and says he wants to goto wet and wild so i tell him alright lets go.i get ready and RT comes over picks me up and we goto the new wet and wild park in the jungle.we have a nice fun day there.i am suprised as we are leaving because Ryan is standing right there outside the exit.i run to him and hug him and fly into the air holding him.then we returned back to the ground and went with RT back to his house and we all just chilled ......To Be Continued

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