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In my travels

i decided to get into my car and start driving.decided to stop over in texas.while in texas i met my friend Adamm and we had lots of fun around the towns then we went to Las Vegas and looked through the ruins and i started to tell him the story of how i destroyed it.then i tought to myself why should i just tell him i can just show him(bad idea).i began to open a time portal then as we were heading into it someone shot me causing me to lose concentration so we went to the last time he went to Las Vagas.we deceided to start playing the slots and roulette since i could change the outcome.we won alot of money and got invited to stay at the penthouse at the excalibur.then we stayed the night and the next day went to when i was destroying Las Vegas again and i placed both of us inside my point of view.we then returned to my house where he met Ryan and all of my friends......To Be Continued

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