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Put a gun to his head

so me Ryan and Rt are chillin there at Rt's house Russel comes over and then me and Ryan goto my house and i turn my phone off.Two days pass by i turn my phone on and answer all the crazy amount of texts i the days go on through regular times at the clubs me performing with family with my mom Kai'Ja,auntie Kitana,Miranda,Lyric, and Eclipse.weeaks turn into months then six months pass by and RT is about to get taken off his program and i learn that Russel has bought him a bottle of grey goose to celebrate Ryan hold me back when i am about to unleash a fury onto him my anger has never flared more than it did in these moment a couple hours later finally i sneak to where Russel is and i have a gun i shoot the gun at the bottle of grey goose destroying it and Russel fought because it costed him like $120 dollars i left and met up with Ryan. To Be Continued..........

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