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jump avoid and climb away

So as me and ryan are walking we see ahead fires and cars are stopping and then some old lady says uhh there are zombie everywhere.... So me and ryan went to louises got lee and gage and I put the restaurant up on like monkey bars so me ryan lee and gage can climb in or out but we goto the mini golf course because there are people there and zombies are approaching I can't do anything except make old broken palettes appear sooo we build up a little shack in the cave I leave there and so we continue on to my house so I can get my sword I discover its been stolen.I see evidence of that crafty man who was once my sensei that decided to bring back from the past and he was I go and I track him down discover that it was my step grandmother pat who hired him cause she wanted to use my sword to make herself power I beat him up til he told me where is was he started taking me to a wardrobe and show me the hidden box when I opened it there was nothing but old toys and a broken toy sword.he nearly escaped because the memories these toys provoked were not good ones.I then realized my swords fission failsafe had activated and split into different parts at this time zombies had amassed around the house I started burning them down with holy I find the parts of my sword the first is in a tree which is filled with crazy ants sooo I just blast fire til I get it.then piece by piece as we kill off zombies me ryan lee and gage finally get all the pieces and I am able to create the forging mound to recreate my sword and I do and right as it finishes we are surrounded by a couple hundred zombies I use my sword it blows the zombies back and crushes them I then challenge my former sensei Caruri atoru Nahrini now I knew this would be bad but I did it anyways defeated and on the ground I did what the hero doesn't usually do I actually killed him. To Be Continued....

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